September 12, 2017

We're excited to announce that HeroCade is finally coming to the EU PlayStation Store! Keep an eye out for the game's release on 26 September. 

HeroCade will soon be available in France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, UK, Australia, and New Zealand!

LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 2017 - Dreadhalls is coming to PS VR as part of the HeroCade game bundle which hits the PlayStation Store on September 26th, 2017! HeroCade is a collect...

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With this 9-in-1 collection, you can enjoy everything VR has to offer in a packed bundle! Race on the mean streets of LA, pilot through exotic alien worlds, hunt prehistoric beasts, defend against alien invaders, solve whimsical puzzles, save civilians from zombie hoards, survive a paranormal experience, escape from a treacherous labyrinth, train for the turkey apocalypse, and solve the mystery of your past as Player One in HeroCade!

vr classics now on playstation

HeroCade includes two award-winning titles available for the first time on Playstation: Dreadhalls (Proto Awards’ Best Sound Design) and Sisters (Sundance 2016's New Frontier Selection).


HeroCade’s 9-in-1 VR Bundle includes an epic metaverse quest that can only be achieved by mastering all nine titles. As Player One you must achieve the high-score of each game to unlock mystery of your past, and the destiny of your future. Are you up the the challenge, or should I say are you ready Player One?

highly rated, critically acclaimed 

"A game that’s brilliance can be found in its simplicity…as soon as you lose…you will instantly want to try again”

-Touchstone Research (PolyRunner)

"...really beautiful vivid visuals with nice particle effects and epic sound effects that will revive those great arcade-days memories back." VR Games For (Space Bit Attack)

"...Even though the creatures aren't actually real, we challenge anyone to hear labored breathing from behind and not "Nope!" out of the situation." -CNET (Dreadhalls)

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