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Lucid Sight, Inc.

Based in Los Angeles, CA

Release date:
April 18, 2017 (NA)

September 26, 2017 (EU)

PlayStation VR


Regular Price:



Game Announcement Press Release - 12/9/2016


With this 9-in-1 collection, you can enjoy everything VR has to offer in a packed bundle! Race on the mean streets of LA, pilot through exotic alien worlds, hunt prehistoric beasts, defend against alien invaders, solve whimsical puzzles, save civilians from zombie hoards, survive a paranormal experience, escape from a treacherous labyrinth, train for the turkey apocalypse, and solve the mystery of your past as Player One in HeroCade!


Lucid Sight, Inc. designs and develops innovative Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and Augmented Reality games and experiences. We want to conquer the VR world. Our apps are taking Virtual and Mixed Reality to the next level and we always have something cooking to keep your attention on the ever growing possibilities of the VR experience.

Our games have amassed more than 1 million downloads and we're just getting started.


  • PolyRunner 

  • Space Bit Attack!

  • Gumi no Yume

  • Z-Strike

  • Turkey Hunt

  • 405 Road Rage

  • Jurassic Survival (HeroCade exclusive)

  • Dreadhalls (Proto Awards’ Best Sound Design)

  • Sisters (Sundance 2016's New Frontier Selection)


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  • "Dreadhalls and Sisters are easily the best of the lot, but the sheer breadth of games on display is commendable." - David Jagneaux, UploadVR

  • "As a PlayStation VR offering, there's some good value here." - Bradley Ramsey, PS4 Experts

  • "Most of the games have a ‘just one more time’ addiction factor and the simplicity and variety of the titles here make sure there is something here for everybody." - The VR Grid

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