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HeroCade: A VR Game Bundle with a Twist

What is HeroCade? In short it is a compilation of VR games and experiences created by three game studios and brought to Playstation VR for the first time.

When we started this project, the development team had a interesting idea, something we as individuals had never seen done with gaming bundles. VR is a new medium, so why not challenge ourselves re-imagine what a game bundle could be in this new metaverse? HeroCade was born, but it wasn't your typical compilation of titles that a user could just select and play. We created an experience on top of the 9 games that provided users a new world to explore, objectives to conquer, and a mystery to unravel.

Are you up for the challenge, do you have what it takes to master 9 VR games and unlock the secrets of HeroCade? Well you can soon find out!

Coming to Playstation VR late 2016 / early 2017.


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