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HeroCade - An Epic VR Bundle

LOS ANGELES, CA - DECEMBER 2016 - Lucid Sight is proud to announce the upcoming launch of HeroCade for the PlayStation VR. HeroCade is a bundling of nine VR games that allows players to experience several different aspects of VR in one affordable pack. The bundle brings a diverse group of indie games to PlayStation VR including: Dreadhalls (Honorable Mention at Oculus VR Jam, Winner of Proto Awards’ Best Sound Design), Sisters (Sundance 2016's New Frontier Selection), Jurassic Survival, 405 Road Rage, Zombie Strike, and PolyRunner VR.

“We wanted to give the gamer a taste of many different VR games at a reasonable price point,” said Randy Saaf, CEO of Lucid Sight. “VR is such a new medium, consumers want to see all the different experiences that have never been possible before. We wanted to include nine games at a price point below $15, so players could try a lot of different stuff. Each game will be less than a couple bucks.”

HeroCade Features:

Dreadhalls—This stealth horror dungeon crawler was previously only available on Oculus. Dreadhalls received an Honorable Mention at the Oculus VR Jam and won Best Sound Design at the Proto Awards. You are trapped deep inside a massive dungeon, and your only defense against what lies in the darkness is a faint light, stealth, and courage.

Sisters—This room scale horror experience can only be described as haunted house meets escape room. A Sundance 2016’s New Frontier Selection, previously only available on the HTC Vive, this harrowing challenge pits you against your darkest fears.

Jurassic Survival—In this immersive VR shooter, you’ll find yourself in a survival fight of man versus nature. At your disposal are various weapons necessary to hold your own against the waves of vicious dinosaurs, including the dreaded T-Rex. Will you last through the night?

405 Road Rage—This action-packed game is a whole new take on rush hour. Bump, side-swipe, and shoot missiles in this ultra-realistic *cough* VR simulation of the ultimate California driving experience.

Zombie Strike—This post-apocalyptic mission is your chance to be the hero. You sit at the helm of a powerful, fully-armed drone and must protect refugees as they flee zombies toward Earth’s remaining safe zones.

PolyRunner VR—In this VR spaceflight challenge, enter a world full of immersive, ever-changing alien landscapes through which you must navigate at high speeds, using lightning-fast reflexes to score points and earn your rep as the ultimate starfighter pilot.

Alpha Turkey Hunt—Turkey hunting has never been so unusual and entertaining! Blast your way through hundreds of turkeys using weapons such as AK-47s and shotguns in this hilarious VR shooter.

Space Bit Attack—Transport yourself into a retro-inspired, VR space-fight adventure! Space Bit Attack lets you be the hero as a gunner pilot saving the galaxy from an evil alien invasion. Dodge and blast your way through level after level of enemy defenses.

Gumi No Yumi—In this super kawaii candy adventure, help Kon-kon navigate through puzzles full of fluffy marshmallows, jiggly gummies, and much more. Bump the colorful gummies around the game board and win your way through a 3D world inspired by the popular classic Sokoban.

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