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HeroCade Coming to PlayStation EU

We're excited to announce that HeroCade is finally coming to the EU PlayStation Store! Keep an eye out for the game's release on 26 September.

HeroCade will soon be available in France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, UK, Australia, and New Zealand!


LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 2017 - Dreadhalls is coming to PS VR as part of the HeroCade game bundle which hits the PlayStation Store on September 26th, 2017! HeroCade is a collection of 9 VR games and will be available for digital download at €11.99. The team here at Lucid Sight, as well as the teams at Otherworld and White Door Games, have worked so hard to bring this game together, and we’re very excited to share it with the PS VR community.


HeroCade will be available for the PlayStation VR September 26th 2017, via digital download in the EU. HeroCade is already available for digital download in the US.



What is HeroCade?

HeroCade is more than just a simple bundle. Rather than a hub where players select unrelated titles, HeroCade presents players with an underlying narrative––a mystery to solve. The titles of HeroCade may feature intuitive controls that make playing easy to learn, but only the dedicated will climb the universal scoreboard and unlock a history long forgotten.

A Fresh Take on an Old Idea

As Player One, you and your A.I. guide, A.R.T.3.M.1.S., are trapped in a virtual construct in the future. Armed with your gaming wit, you must progress through several classic titles of the 21st century, created before virtual reality became the pinnacle of technological brilliance you know today. With each high score comes new information that illuminates the history of the HeroCade, giving players a true sense of accomplishment when achieving each game’s target goal.

The Lucid Sight development team has taken a fresh take on an old idea. HeroCade isn’t simply a game pack. It’s a world with a history that only the most dedicated players will uncover the more they play.

Developed By Lucid Sight:

Jurassic Survival (Exclusive to HeroCade ) – Start with a handgun and work your way up to more powerful weapons as you fight for your life against prehistoric beasts.

405 Road Rage – Bump, side-swipe, and shoot missiles in this VR simulation of the infamous 405 freeway.

PolyRunner VR – Navigate through vibrant, ever-changing environments and travel as far as you can, avoiding obstacles in your way.

Space Bit Attack – Pilot deep into space for this retro-inspired shooter. Dodge and blast your way through wave after wave of enemy legions.

Zombie Strike – As the pilot of a powerful drone tasked with protecting the survivors of a zombie apocalypse, you’re humanity’s last hope. Shoot down hordes of the undead while avoiding the human civilians making their way toward your bunker.

Turkey Hunt – Gear up and train for the turkey armageddon by blasting through endless waves of deadly cardboard birds.

Gumi No Yume – Help Konpeito the red panda solve puzzles in this Sokoban-inspired game.

Developed By White Door Games:

Dreadhalls (Winner of Proto Awards’ Best Sound Design) – Equipped only with a faint light, players must escape a dungeon crawling with deadly creatures.

Developed By Otherworld Interactive:

Sisters (Sundance 2016’s New Frontier Selection) – Sift through an old, haunted house in search of clues that’ll shed some light on what transpired there.

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